3/4" Spigot for 5 Gallon Cube with Extension Tube

3/4" Spigot for 5 Gallon Cube with Extension Tube

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Enjoy the convenience and time saved with the DETAIL DIRECT 3/4" Spigot for 5 Gallon Cube with Extension Tube. Screw the spigot easily into the knockout cap of your 5-gallon Cube and dispense liquids effortlessly into buckets or spray bottles – no spills, no fuss! The Extension Tube is small enough to fit typical spray bottles and wide enough for quick filling of larger wash buckets. Make your detailing life easier with this faucet!

  • The Extension tube fits into spray bottles for fast dispensing from 5-gallon cube containers without spills and wasting your cleaning chemicals.
  • Screw it into the 3/4" knockout cap on 5-gallon cube containers. Then, place the cube on its side, and you have a convenient and easy-to-use faucet.
  • Turns off or on with a simple twist.
  • No gasket is required.
  • This sturdy plastic faucet allows easy, spill-free dispensing of liquids from square 5-gallon containers.
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number: 10671
  • On/Off: Twist
  • Material: Chemical-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Not recommended for use with flammables or temperatures above 125°F.
  • Application: 3/4-inch Spigot with an extension tube for 5 Gallon Cube Containers

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