Wonder Wafers Individually Wrapped (24 Scents) - Detail Direct
Wonder Wafers Individually Wrapped (24 Scents) - Detail Direct
Wonder Wafers Individually Wrapped (24 Scents) - Detail Direct

Wonder Wafers Individually Wrapped (24 Scents)

Wonder Wafers
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Individually Wrapped Wonder Wafers Sold Separately

WONDER WAFERS: Choose From 24 Fantastic Scents with these specially designed and engineered wafers that hold a pleasant smelling fragrance. Perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms, drawers, in the garage, and more. Wonder Wafers are the best economical air fresheners on the market. Sample Pack of all 28 fantastic scents.

USE ANYWHERE: Perfect in cars, homes, offices, RVs, boats, and more. Over 1 Billion Sold worldwide to satisfied customers. Wonder Wafers provide you the perfect blend of fresh scents. If you love the smell of a refreshing and invigorating fragrance, Wonder Wafers is the best air freshener for you.

SAFE TO USE: Fragrances are air-activated, environmentally friendly, and will not stain or damage surfaces when used correctly.

ECONOMICAL: Wonder Wafers Are Extremely Cost Effective versus other leading liquid, aerosol, gel, and most other types of air fresheners. They work great in your car. Simply remove the wafer from the plastic package and place one or several under your car seats.

Individually Wrapped Wonder Wafers - 24 Scents to Choose From:

Aqua Frost: Masculine fresh, crisp scent enhanced with a blend of lavender, mint, iris, and musk

April Fresh: Fresh and clean linen floral, Downey fabric softener type, scent

Baby Powder: Sweet, powdery floral fragrance similar to Johnson Baby Powder.

Black Royal: Masculine cologne scent with a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries, and sandalwood.

Cinnamon Spice: Sweet cinnamon, clove, and spice aroma

Clean Car: Fresh, clean scent with just a hint of melon

Coconut Cream: Fresh island coconut blended with sweet, rich cream

Cotton: Crisp, clean cotton linen scent, dancing in the summer sun by a gentle breeze

Creamy Vanilla: Sweet vanilla extract aroma

Cranberry Splash: Sweet, fruity, citrus, and cranberry

European Leather: Light European leather seat smell

Fresh and Clean: Citrus marine floral musk and herbal fragrance

Fresh Lemon: Strong fresh sweet lemon peel

Island Breeze: Spicy floral carnation orchid, perfumed smell

Jasmine: Strong heavy concentrated floral jasmine

Lavender Sachet: Soft, warm woody lavender

Mountain Pine: Pine tree, woodsy

Mulberry: Strong fruity sweet mulberry

New Car: Heavy woodsy birch tree new car aroma

New Leather: Boot or saddle leather fragrance

Orange Slice: Sweet orange peel

Peach Mango: Sweet-tart mango blended with freshly ripened peaches

Pina Colada: Sweet pineapple coconut

Strawberry: Sweet, rich, heavy strawberry seed

Strawnilla: Sweet, rich vanilla cream with equal notes of freshly sliced ripened strawberries

Vanilla Frosting: Sweet sugary vanilla with a very light touch of buttery cake undertones

White: Fresh, clean linen, freshly painted clean white room

Wild Cherry: Sharp fruity cherry scent