DETAIL DIRECT 6 Inch Foam Buffing Pads - Waffle Design (2 Pack)
DETAIL DIRECT 6 Inch Foam Buffing Pads - Waffle Design (2 Pack)

DETAIL DIRECT 6 Inch Foam Buffing Pads - Waffle Design (2 Pack)

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Elevate Your Car's Shine with DETAIL DIRECT's Waffle Buffing Pads

Discover the secret to a flawless car finish with the DETAIL DIRECT 6-inch Foam Buffing Pad. These waffle pads are expertly crafted to dissipate heat and minimize the risk of damaging your vehicle's surface. Use any polisher that accepts 6-inch hook and loop (Velcro) pads. Sold in a handy 2-pack for economy and convenience.

Features That Impress:

  • Heat-Dissipating Waffle Design: Reduces the surface temperature, significantly lowering the risk of burning or harming your vehicle's finish.
  • Easy-to-Use Hook and Loop System: Ensures a secure fit, allowing quick and easy pad changes on any 6-inch polisher.
  • Professional Results Made Easy: Our intuitive color-coded system simplifies the selection process, enabling you to pick the perfect pad for every detailing task easily.

Unveil Perfection with Our Color-Coded System:

  • White Pad (Heavy Cut): This pad is your go-to for addressing deep scratches and severe oxidation, smoothing imperfections and setting the stage for further polishing.
  • Black Pad (Final Finish): Ideal for the final touches, this pad is designed for a gentle, non-abrasive finish, leaving behind a gleaming shine that is especially eye-catching on dark-colored vehicles.

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