PRIMO Truck Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles - Detail Direct
PRIMO Truck Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles - Detail Direct
PRIMO Truck Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles - Detail Direct
PRIMO Truck Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles - Detail Direct
PRIMO Truck Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT Car Wash Brush 5-Level with Soft Bristles

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Car and truck wash brush with 5 levels and dense, soft polystyrene bristles.

Are you tired of brushes that do not last?

If you are tired of cheaply constructed wash brushes, you must try the Detail Direct Premium Car and Truck Wash Brush. We use the highest quality components available. You will find we pack more bristles made from higher quality material in a better block than our competitors, guaranteeing a safer, better cleaning, longer-lasting brush for your money.

With this brush, you can wash faster with better results.

This car and truck wash brush have 5 levels enabling you to quickly clean all angles of your boat, truck, trailer, RV, or any other vehicle fast and effectively. The brush is 12 inches tip-to-tip and 7 inches wide so that you can cover more area in less time. An 8-inch sturdy block base securely holds the 2.5-inch polystyrene dense green bristles carrying an extraordinary abundance of soap and water to the surface.

This professional quality brush is designed to protect your finish.

The bristles are set in a sturdy polypropylene block. The 5-level bristles surround the block keeping it from touching your vehicle finish. It is the perfect design to clean every nook and cranny safely and with ease. You will reach areas that bi-level brushes or regular car wash brushes can never do, so you will eliminate scrubbing those areas by hand. Use this brush as a dip brush, with a pole, or with a flow-thru handle.

We built this brush with long-lasting bristles to give you many clean vehicles.

Polystyrene bristles are resistant to heat, acids, solvents, detergents, chemicals, and petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, oils, etc. These synthetic bristles are 2.5 inches long and have excellent flexibility and durability. The bristles are flag-tipped, allowing you to easily remove grit and grime from your vehicle surface. They are not too stiff nor too soft, giving you the perfect long-lasting wash brush for all your wash jobs.

You can always add a handle, flow thru handle or even an extension pole for extra large vehicles.

The hard-formed block fits a standard threaded handle (sold separately). We have handles in various lengths, flow-thru, or a telescopic pole to adjust the reach easily. Use it as a dip brush or a flow-thru brush with a flow-thru pole. All the options make this the ultimate truck wash brush available.

Benefits of using this Car and Truck Wash brush.

  • Made with 35% More Material than Other Brushes
  • Best Quality Bristles Last 3x Longer than Others
  • Sturdy Polypropylene Block is Virtually Indestructible
  • Use with a Threaded Flow-Thru, Extended or Regular Broom Handle
  • Polystyrene Bristles are Firm, Soft, and Flagged-Tipped for Safe, Tough Jobs
  • 5-Level Wash Brush Design Reaches Areas Ordinary Wash Brushes Cannot Reach
  • Gently Removes Dirt, Grime, and Road Film from Your Vehicle Surface Without Scratching

Brush Specifications

Primary Use: Car, RV, and Truck Wash Brush
Brand: Detail Direct
Part Number: WB203
Length: Tip-to-Tip 12 inches
Width: 7 inches, Angled
Bristle Type: Polystyrene, Flagged Tip, Green
Bristle Length: 2.5 inches
Block Material: Polypropylene
Threaded Handle Hole: Yes
Flow Through: Yes 
Weight: 1.83 lbs (1lb 4oz)

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