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Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil

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Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil Penetrates Lubricates and Protects

Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil Spray frees rusted, corroded, frozen parts almost instantly. Make your work easier with its maximum penetrating power.

  • Free Your Seized Bolts, Screws, Nuts. and Other Fasteners Almost Instantly
  • Maximum Penetrating Power Acts Faster and Penetrates Deeper
  • 15.75oz Aerosol Spray Can
  • Quantity Discounts
PENETRATES, LUBRICATES, PROTECTS: Quickly free those rusted or stuck nuts, bolts, locks, etc. Or quiet the squeaks and other noises coming from metal rubbing against metal. Thrust Penetrating Oil lubricates as it works. The penetrate displaces water providing a protective layer that prevents and protects those parts from becoming rusted or stuck again. This is the best penetrating oil that will last longer under more extreme conditions than the cheaper products found on the market today.

AUTO MECHANICS LOVE THRUST: You will use less force to free threaded mechanical parts that are rusted on tight. Not only does it eliminate rust on nuts, bolts, and other metal parts, it cleans and stops corrosion, too. You will find this unique formula works where other products fail. A must have for your tool kit, home garage, or workshop. Your perfect fast-action penetrating oil for tough jobs.

How to Remove Rusted Screws and Bolts

Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil frees rusted, corroded, and frozen parts fast with less effort. Either spray Thrust directly on the frozen part or use the straw applicator for those hard-to-reach areas. The foaming action of the Castle Thrust formula directs the penetrating oil to the source of the problem so you will not have excessive runoff. This allows for the maximum amount of the penetrating oil to reach the stuck or rusted gear, bolt, or screw. Not only does this reduce the time to free the part, it reduces product waste, too.

Just spray Thrust Penetrating Oil on the bolt, nut, threads or other fastener that won’t budge. Then, tap the joint or fastener to help the oil penetrate into the cracks and crevices. Allow 3 minutes for the penetrating action to break the bond that rust has on metal and free your seized part.

You will find many uses for Castle Thrust Penetrating Oil whether it is for Auto, Marine, Truck, RVs, Bus, Home, Motor Homes, Manufacturing, Lawn Equipment, Heavy Equipment, or anywhere you need a professional quality penetrating oil that lubricates and protects your metal parts. You’ll find it to be your go-to oil for many applications.

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