Cherry Soap Foaming Auto Shampoo - Detail Direct
Cherry Soap Foaming Auto Shampoo - Detail Direct

Detail Direct Cherry Soap Foaming Auto Shampoo

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Detail Direct Cherry Soap makes washing your car fun with its pleasant cherry flavor scent.

DD Cherry Soap Car Wash Soap offers excellent cleaning ability for the dirtiest and most neglected cars but because its pH balanced it’s also perfectly safe for those among us who like a clean ride and wash our cars often.

Detail Direct Cherry Soap makes getting professional quality, clean results easy with their highly effective yet fun to use car wash soap. Washing your car often helps the paint to last longer because you’re removing contaminants that lead to corrosion and oxidation. It’s also a chance to inspect your car for any unknown damage or things like loose body trim moldings, mud flaps or other exterior components so these things can be addressed before worse damage happens.  

What is it? - Multi-function, hyper-concentrated, pH balanced biodegradable liquid car wash soap with a pleasant cherry scent. Can be used with traditional hose and bucket technique or foam gun or foam cannon.

When do you use it? - Anytime your car is dirty, and you want to restore a dazzling, clean shine without leaving a soap film behind on the surface.

Why use Detail Direct Cherry Soap over other options? - Detail Direct Cherry Soap is made by car people for car people. We love cars and think like you when it comes to creating formulas that perform while also being safe for you, your car, and the environment. We also know that out of all the car-related maintenance tasks, it’s washing the car that most people do the most often – thus Detail Direct Cherry Soap provides the five most important benefits you’re looking for from any car wash soap.

1: Safe but effective cleaning. Not all car wash soaps are the same. Detail Direct Cherry Soap uses a proprietary blend of cleaners and degreasers that excel at breaking down both water soluble dirt and also non-water-soluble things like oily traffic film. And our cleaning chemistry does this without chemically stripping any pre-existing wax, sealant, or paint coatings.

2: Excellent sudsing and foaming. Suds and/or foam from a foam gun or foam cannon not only look cool but these billions of tiny bubbles in a rich lather hyper lubricate the surface to enable you to safely clean your car. The suds lift dirt particles away from the scratch-sensitive painted surfaces reducing the risk of marring. The suds also cushion the friction between your car’s paint and your wash mitt lubricating the paint surface as you wash.

3: Free-rinsing with zero-residues left on the car. Too many car washes simply don’t rinse off and actually leave a soap scum on your car. You often times will see this on the glass and that’s because you can look through glass, the film left is more visible. BUT – if a car wash soap is leaving a visible soap scum on the glass, (something you can easily see it on), then it’s also leaving this soap scum all over the rest of the car only it’s a lot more difficult to see.

4: Gentle to your skin. Pretty hard to wash a car without getting the car wash soap solution on your hands and other exposed body pats like your feet as a lot of people wash their car while wearing flip-flops. Here at DD, we take into consideration the human element when formulating our car wash soaps. There’s no caustic, or harsh ingredients used in our Cherry Soap, so your skin won’t feel dry or become irritated whether you wash just one car or wash hundreds of cars for a living. 

5: Detail Direct Cherry Soap is 100% biodegradable and Earth friendly. This means it will completely break down when captured and treated by your cities water treatment plant which ensures sustainable livability for everyone on planet Earth.

  • Hyper-concentrated – Money saving value.
  • Bucket Wash – Foam Gun – Foam Cannon.
  • Long lasting, high sudsing formula.
  • pH balanced – won’t strip pre-existing wax.
  • Proprietary chemistry dissolves dirt and traffic film.
  • Free-rinsing – Zero residues left behind.
  • Won’t dry out skin.
  • Biodegradable – Earth friendly Green Technology.
  • Pleasant cherry scent.

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