Dual End Detail Brush-Detailing Brushes-Hi Tech Industries-244

Boars Hair Detail Brush Dual End 244

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Dual End Boar's Hair Detail Brush

A useful tool for any car detailing enthusiast! 6" overall length with wood handle. Useful for getting into hard-to-reach vent areas of a vehicle.

Soft boars hair bristles on one end and stiff nylon bristles on the other.

  • A professional, high-grade tool for cleaning off dust or applying finishing touches!
  • Thin, narrow end helps to clean hard-to-reach areas in a vehicle
  • Broader end for larger areas
  • Wooden handle
  • 6" length

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Detail Direct

Part Number: 244

Length: 6 inches

Block Material: Wood

Bristle Length: 

Bristle Strength: Soft

Bristle Type: Boar Hair

Uses: Fine Detailing