Cheesecloth 5 lb Roll
Cheesecloth 5 lb Roll

Cheesecloth 5 lb Roll

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Many car detailing pros swear by the legend of cheesecloth. Sure, there are high-tech microfibers and synthetic textiles out there, but they'll never be as soft and versatile as a good ol' piece of cheesecloth. This time-honored fabric has been used for ages and for good reason. It's gentle on surfaces yet tough enough to get the job done. And it is a cheap alternative. Be sure to check out our next section, "Just the Facts and More," for Cheesecloth Detailing Tips. You may be surprised how useful this inexpensive tool can be!

  • Lint-free, washable knit polishing cheesecloth
  • Use for removing wax, polish residue, and general interior and exterior cleaning
  • Leaves a high-gloss shine
  • Safe on all surfaces.
  • Absorbent, so it effectively removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints.
  • Inexpensive


When it comes to achieving that perfect finish, nothing beats cheesecloth for a final wipe-down after waxing. Its gentle touch effortlessly removes any remaining particles of wax and lint without leaving any pesky static residue behind. And when it comes to reaching small cavities and delicate road wheel patterns, cheesecloth is unmatched in its ability to get the job done.

But the benefits don't stop there! Cheesecloth is also incredibly versatile for interior detailing. Whether wet or dry, this fabric can help you reach every nook and cranny, no matter the shape or size. Moistened with a small amount of cleaner, you can clean every crevice with ease and precision.

So why settle for synthetic alternatives when you can get the natural, old-fashioned touch for your detailing job? So next time you're detailing your car, reach for the cheesecloth. Your car will thank you for it.

  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Part Number: 10157
  • Roll Dimensions: 16" wide by approximately 20 yards long
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Application: Interior and Exterior Car Detailing.

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