Steel Wool Roll 5 lb - Detail Direct
Steel Wool Roll 5 lb - Detail Direct
Steel Wool Roll 5 lb - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT Steel Wool Roll 5 lb

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Steel Wool 5 LB Roll

Super Fine 0000 Detailing Steel Wool

Genuine steel wools for low oil content woodworking. ALLSTAR Super Fine steel wools are especially ideal for varnish, polyurethane, smooth lacquer and shellac. Great buffing woodwork and furniture to a high luster with wax or oil. Facilitates cleaning precision tools.

Extra Fine 000

Excellent steel wools for low oil content woodworking. ALLSTAR Extra Fine Steel Wools are especially ideal for scuff sanding and removing imperfections between coats. Also facilitates removal of paint splatters and drips. Combine with water to remove polish or wax from fine furniture.

Very Fine 00

Fine 0

Medium Course #2

AllStar Medium Coarse steel wool pads are ideal for paint removal in awkward corners and moldings. Removes scuff marks and wax build-up and will etch metal and porcelain surfaces!

Course #3

Effective against old paint, shellac, varnish, and lacquer. Perfect for heavy machinery, engines, and rough metals.

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