Touchless Hardwound Towel Dispenser
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Touchless Hardwound Towel Dispenser

Genuine Joe
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Genuine Joe


Touchless manual-operated towel dispenser is designed to deliver one towel at a time - every time with an effortless pull. Design allows the user to only touch the towel they use, reducing the incidence of the spread of bacteria. This reliable dispenser is battery-free for those that prefer not to use battery-operated electronic dispensers. Battery-free also means easier maintenance. High capacity offers added cost savings vs. folded towel solutions. Dispenser uses only Genuine Joe Solutions Hardwound Roll (HR) Towels.

Key Benefits

Touchless, Hardwound Roll - Black - Touch-free

  • Only for use with Genuine Joe Solutions HR Towels
  • Reliable, effortless pull