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Deal Jackets are essential for your car dealership. Detail Direct provides your car dealer folders, car dealer record envelopes, deal jacket folders, and car deal jackets in many different varieties for new & used cars. You can choose from standard stock or heavy duty stock. We give you the option of blank deal jackets and pre-printed deal jackets. They are available in 500 packs or 100 packs. We also offer many colors from buff, blue, red, white, yellow, green, and more.

Why should buy our deal Jackets?

Our auto dealer deal jackets are printed on fine stock paper so you can make sure your customers have all the information and records on a vehicle while shopping through your car lot. You can list all relevant information including year, make, model, VIN, purchase date, mileage, personal contact info, and much more. We offer deal jacket 100 packs and 500 packs to fit your specific needs. With our tiered and bulk pricing, the more you buy, the more you save! It's as close to wholesale pricing as you'll find!

Why should you buy from Detail Direct?

When it comes to auto dealer supplies, Detail Direct is the leader for a reason. We don't like to use the word cheap since our supplies our top-quality but not only can you rely on our everyday low prices, but we also offer a low price guarantee! Shop our large dealership deal jacket selection today and help your sales team and office staff stay organized within your auto dealership today!

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