Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)
Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)
Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)
Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)
Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)

Blue Surgical Huck Towels (10 lb Box or 1 Dozen)

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Here's a streak-free, lint-free way to clean your car and home windows! Our recycled surgical huck towels are 100% cotton and lint-free, leaving a shimmering shine without smudges, fingerprints, or smoke residue. They are also ultra-absorbent, so they can quickly and easily remove dirt, dust, and grime from almost any surface. The tight huck weave gives them a slight texture that helps scrub away tough stains and other gunk, while the hemmed edges prevent fraying.

Originally, huck towels are used in hospital environments as they are absorbent and low-linting. Afterward, they are hygienically cleaned and sanitized for recycling as cleaning towels for auto detailers, automotive service departments, window washers, janitorial cleaners, and others.

"Huck" refers to a unique style of weaving called huckaback, used to make the fabric. They are named surgical huck towels because they are used in medical facilities.

  • Recycled 100% Cotton Surgical Towels Thoroughly Washed and Sanitized
  • They Are Not Perfect, Will Have Blemishes and Minor Imperfections
  • BUT
  • They ARE PERFECT for a Variety of Cleaning Tasks
  • They ARE ECONOMICAL With a Low-Cost Per Towel
  • They ARE Washable so that You Can Reuse Them Over and Over

Here Are A Few More Facts

  • Tight Weave and Slight Texture for Maximum Absorption and Cleaning Ability
  • Colorfast with Variable Shades of Blue
  • No Lint - Great for Glass and Mirrors
  • Clean up Oily, Greasy, and Wet Messes
  • More Absorbent Than Shop Towels
  • Hemmed on All Sides, No Strings, No Fraying Edges
  • Washable Countless Times - Durable
  • Wash before first use to fluff them up from shipping
  • Machine or hand wash separately
  • Do not bleach because it reduces the towel's durability and life
  • Do not use fabric softener because it reduces the towel's absorbency
  • Use 1/2 the amount of detergent you usually use for other towels
  • Use a low drying temperature, but it's best to shake them out and air dry, which makes them nice and flat for folding. (They will scrunch up and wrinkle with machine drying)
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number: 10761
  • Pack Size: 10 lbs, Approximately 5 Dozen
  • Item Number: 10770
  • Pack Size: 1 Dozen
  • Recycled: Surgical Huck Towels are Hygienically Cleaned and Sanitized
  • Color: Various Shades of Blue
  • Size: Approximately 15" x 21" (Size May Vary Slightly)
  • Shipping: Compressed Bundle Providing an Economical Cost for You
  • Application: Glass and General Cleaning Towels

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