Castle Dragon Fire Carburetor Cleaner - Detail Direct
Castle Dragon Fire Carburetor Cleaner - Detail Direct

Castle Dragon Fire Carburetor Cleaner

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Dragon Fire Hi-Powered Carb and Choke Cleaner and Lubricator

Clean and lubricate your carburetor and choke with Castle Dragon Fire. You will improve your engine performance, fuel economy, and reduce emissions.

  • Improve engine performance, fuel economy, and reduce emissions
  • Remove gums and varnishes while lubricating parts in 1 step
  • Contains exclusive “Resi-Lube” residual lubrication for all moving parts
  • Helps to keep moisture out between applications
  • Harmless to oxygen sensor devices
  • Cleans and Lubricates
  • Excellent for removing varnish from transmissions
2 Steps in One. Castle Dragon Fire Carb Cleaner Spray is a unique formulation of solvents and lubricants that is designed to remove gums and varnishes while lubricating parts in one efficient step. This hi-powered formula now contains exclusive “Resi-Lube,” the amazing chemical that not only lubricates all moving parts but also helps to keep out moisture between applications. It is completely harmless to all oxygen sensor devices.

IMPROVE OVERALL ENGINE PERFORMANCE Improve engine performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions. Dragon Fire is a Carb and Choke Cleaner plus lubricant that will quickly remove the gum, varnish, and contaminants that have accumulated overtime. Dragon Fire removes these deposits fast and easy without residue. You will see improvement in problem areas such as hard starting, rough idling, stalling and high exhaust emissions plus a reduction in fuel economy. Your fuel will distribute more efficiently so your engine runs in a like-new condition.

MULTIPLE USE FORMULA Cleans and lubricates carburetors, chokes, linkage and PCV Systems. Dragon Fire Carb Choke Cleaner works well as your small parts cleaner and frees up Heat Risers. Excellent for removing varnish from transmissions. Nor Removes contaminants quickly and efficiently without scrubbing. Extension tube included. For fuel injection systems, use Castle Cleans-Rite.

Manufacturer: Castle Products, Inc.

Product Type: Carburetor Cleaner 

Item Number: C2002

UPC: 717131020028

Can Size: 20 oz net weight

Case Quantity: 12

Carburetor Cleaner: Engine should be turned off and air cleaner removed. Now, start engine and attach extension tube to valve button so that all parts of the carburetor can be reached. Spray liberally. Adjust air-fuel mixture. Finish up by cleaning outside of carburetor.

Automatic Choke Cleaner: Remove air cleaner. While choke is being opened and closed by hand, spray both ends of choke valve. Remove choke cover and then start engine. Spray vacuum cylinder.

Clean PCV Systems: While motor running, spray PCV valve and line. While motor is still running, remove oil filter cap and spray into crankcase for about 10 seconds.

Free Up Heat Risers: Engine must be cold. Spray heater valve shaft ends. Permit time to penetrate (a few seconds), then move counterweights up and down.

Clean Carburetor Linkage: Merely spray carburetor linkage until clean.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to To see the complete Proposition 65 warning with chemical names, please refer to product SDS at

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