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Castle Muscle Grease - Detail Direct

Castle Muscle Grease

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Castle Muscle Grease Spray Lubricant

Castle Muscle Grease is a red grease lubricant spray that takes over where White Lithium Grease leaves off. Get this lubricating spray and your job will be done right.

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  • The Tough Job Red Grease Lubricant Spray
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Protect metal surfaces from corrosion and wear
  • Reduce friction, quiet moving parts
  • Create a water and weather-resistant barrier
  • 10.50 oz aerosol spray can
100 PERCENT WATERPROOF: Unlike White Lithium Grease, Muscle Grease is formulated with an aluminum complex base that excels in heavy load, extreme pressure situations and over a wide range of temperatures. Due to its 100% waterproof capabilities, it resists rust and water washout. It also resists corrosion from acids, alkalis, and salt.

STAYS WHERE YOU SPRAY IT:  Muscle Grease is evenly sprayed like a penetrating oil so it easily creeps into all sorts of tight and hard to reach areas. Then, it sets as a thick, protective grease coating that will not run off. It remains on your metal surfaces longer than cheaper white lithium grease so you will have longer lasting lubrication and protection. Exceptional results for equipment in farm & agriculture, landscaping, construction, automotive, and marine equipment.

EFFECTIVE IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES: Castle Muscle Grease has an effective operating temperature range from 0°F to 350°F without melting, hardening, or thinning. It will stay consistent in this wide variety of temperatures. You can be assured of long-lasting lubrication and unbeatable protection against wear, rust and corrosion.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Muscle Grease will extend your equipment life and reduce maintenance cost by adding lubricity and heat resistance. It reduces friction, keeps everything running smoothly and quiets those annoying squeaks in door hinges, piano hinges, industrial bearings, latches, springs, conveyers, electric motor shafts, open gears, hinges and striker plates, cables, pulleys, conveyors, etc, garage doors, fleet trucks, garbage trucks, fifth wheel (truck and tractor) and more.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Spray in a well ventilated area. Spray evenly on surface to be lubricated. Use with or without the extension tube. The extension tube allows for pinpoint accuracy in hard to reach places.

Castle Muscle Grease SDS

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