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Castle Plexo Anti-Static Plastic Glass Cleaner

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Castle Plexo for Cleaning Your Plexiglass and More

Plexo Plexiglass Cleaner easily removes dust and fingerprints on plexiglass without leaving streaks or smears. Nice fragrance.

  • Plastic Glass Cleaner
  • Clean Plexiglass, Computer Screens, Aircraft, RVs, Marine, Home
  • Plexo Does Not Scratch or Smear
  • Reduces Static and Resists Fogging
PLASTIC, PLEXIGLASS AND GLASS CLEANER: Castle Plexo Plexiglass Cleaner is the perfect choice to clean all the plastic glass that is predominant in businesses and homes today. Removing dust and fingerprints is easy with the foaming spray that does not run or drip. Follow the simple and easy directions for a streak-free and smear-free shine.
  SAFE FOR PLASTIC SURFACES: This is a safe formula that contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals to scratch or discolor your transparent plastic surfaces. Use Castle Plexiglass Cleaner with confidence knowing that your TV screen, phone screen, plastic counter and most other hard surfaces will be clean, static free and resistant to fogging.

AMMONIA FREE SURFACE CLEANER: Castle Plexo Anti-static Plastic Cleaner unique formula cleans without ammonia that is commonly used in many glass cleaners. Clearly see through your plexiglass RV, airplane, motorcycle or golf cart windshields and windows, plastic helmet visors, safety shields and glasses and even non-plexiglass auto windshields and tinted windows.

REDUCE CLINGING DUST: Due to plastic surfaces attracting static electricity buildup, dust in the air tends to cling to those surfaces. Castle Plexo removes that electrostatic buildup which allows plastic surfaces to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Your plastic and glass surfaces will be resistant to fogging, too.


Use Plexo Plastic Glass Cleaner Aerosol Foaming Spray Cleaner for sparkling clean glass. Also, it is important to use two different microfiber towels or other lint-free cloths. First, shake the aerosol can. Then, hold the can in an upright position approximately 4-6 inches from surface you are cleaning and spray Plexo Cleaner diagonally from corner to corner and all around the outside edges. Next, use one cloth to wipe the dust and dirt from the surface and after that, use the second clean cloth to wipe the surface completely dry.

SPECIAL CLEANING TIP: Never use paper towels or anything that could scratch plastic glass. Always wash microfiber towels alone and do not use fabric softeners. The chemicals in the other cloths or adding fabric softeners during the wash cycle will transfer to the hard surfaces you are trying to clean and result in streaks and smears.

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS FOR COMPUTER MONITORS: Follow the above directions, except do not spray the monitor surface. Instead spay it on a soft cloth.

Castle Plexo is an Anti-Static Plastic Glass Cleaner
Aerosol Spray Can
Net Weight 17.75 oz
VOC Compliant

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