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Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner (Case of 12)

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Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner is arguably the best glass cleaner on the market today. This foaming aerosol window cleaner stays put when sprayed, dries as you wipe, and leaves behind the most incredible scent.

We have sold this product for many years by the can. We have so many customers that order 12 cans at a time that we decided to make is easy to buy a full case of Castle Glass Cleaner at a great price and FREE SHIPPING to boot!

  1. Hold the Castle Glass Cleaner about 8 to 12 inches from the glass surface. Spray around the outer edges and then spray the letter X crossways. The foaming action causes the glass cleaner to stay where you spray it until you wipe it off. A little goes a long way. For best results, use two lint-free microfiber towels or shop towels. 
  2. Use the first towel to loosen and wipe the dirt, grime, and haze off the glass surface
  3. Then, use the second towel to dry the surface to a clear, see-through shine completely.

Size: Net Weight 18.25 Ounces

Size: 20 Fluid Ounces

Item Number: C2003

UPC: 717131020035

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