How Can I Remove a Dog's Smell in a Car?

Over 38% of American households have dogs, which equates to over 48.3 million homes. As much as dogs become part of your family and your long-lasting memories, their long-lasting smell is not always desired. One place it seems to linger is in cars.

If you are regularly traveling with dogs, it's inevitable that your car may smell at some point. Common smells include the wet dog smell and smells left on stains from dogs. However, the good news is you can get back to enjoying road trips as much as your dogs do.

Remove a dog's smell from your car with these smell removal tips.

1. Vacuum Your Car

Vacuum all over your car regularly because dog hair could be contributing to the dog smell in your vehicle. If you use your air conditioning or open windows, dog hair quickly spreads throughout your car. Vacuum all over your vehicle to remove a dog's smell and reduce the risk of allergens.

2. Wash Everything Removable

Another simple step for cleaning car interiors is to wash anything removable in your car. Removable items can include car mats, seat covers, blankets, and any other dog items, such as toys.

Washing items will help get rid of the smell and stains from dogs. Always check washing instructions and use a gentle detergent for your animals. Stains from dogs might require more attention, such as soaking them in a solution of white vinegar and water before washing them.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

You can use a mild disinfectant to spray removable parts of your car, such as mats that you cannot wash. A multi-purpose cleaning spray is also great to use on car surfaces to begin to freshen up the space. It also ensures your car is clean without germs.

4. Try Baking Soda

You can try a homemade baking soda solution to remove dog smells in your car. Fill a bowl with baking soda and let it sit overnight. It should absorb some odors overnight. However, if smells are strong, you will need a more specialized product.

5. Try Smell Removal Products

If you want to guarantee that you remove a dog's smell from your car, then you should try smell removal products. Products such as Total Release Odor Eliminator destroys odors and is an air freshener. It removes odors such as spoiled food, dog urine, and other stubborn smells left from your dog.

It does not impact your sense of smell or harm car fabrics. You can also leave a cotton ball soaked with the product under your car seat for lasting impact.

Remove a Dog's Smell Successfully

Follow these tips to remove a dog's smell from your car. You can repeat the steps as often as you need, especially if you are regularly traveling with dogs.

A product such as Total Release Odor Eliminator can be used whenever you need to shift stubborn smells from your car, so you can enjoy spending time with your animals without worrying about spending lots of time cleaning car interiors.

Are you ready for a fresh car once more? Check out all our odor eliminators here.

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