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HI-BUFF Mini Random Orbital Polisher

Hi-Tech Industries
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HI-BUFF Mini Dual Action Polisher: Master Precision in Every Detail

Unmatched Detailing in Compact Spaces
Discover the power of precision with the HI-BUFF 12 mm Mini DA Polisher. Designed to navigate the narrowest corners and curves of your vehicle, this polisher effortlessly removes swirls, scratches, and defects from areas like fog lights, rear spoilers, and more. Not just for car exteriors, it's also your go-to tool for refreshing carpets, upholstery, and applying various finishes to different surfaces.

Advanced Technology for Flawless Results
With a 12mm throw and an impressive 5500 OPM capability, the HI-BUFF Mini stands out in paint correction. This dual-action machine replicates the intricate motion of hand polishing, ensuring a thorough and uniform finish every time.

Essential for Every Detailer

  • Compact Design: Perfect for spot correction in tight spaces where larger polishers can't reach.
  • Powerful Performance: Achieves professional-grade results without compromising on strength.
  • Extended Reach: A 25-foot soft rubber power cord offers unparalleled flexibility and movement.

Transform your detailing experience with the HI-BUFF Mini Dual Action Polisher - where every detail matters.

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