DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT 6.5" DA Foam Buffing Pads

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Achieve Flawless Car Finishes with Color-Coded Buffing Pads

Transform your vehicle's appearance with our DETAIL DIRECT 6.5-inch DA Foam Buffing Pads, your key to unlocking a new level of shine and perfection. Tailored to fit 6-inch hook and loop grip backing plates, they're ideal for dual-action (DA), random orbital, and long-stroke dual-action polishers.

Professional Results, Simplified With Our Color-Coded System

Our color-coded buffing pad system streamlines the car detailing process, allowing easy selection of the perfect pad for any task—from repairing severe damage to adding the final shine. Our 6.5-inch flat foam pads ensure professional and efficient work, simplifying your route to a flawless finish.

White Pad (Heavy Cut)
The White Pad is your solution for tackling deep scratches and severe oxidation. It acts as the first step in the restoration process, effectively smoothing out the surface and preparing it for further polishing. This pad is essential for restoring a damaged finish to a condition ready for refining and shining.

Yellow Pad (Medium Cut)
Designed for moderate imperfections such as swirls and minor blemishes, the Yellow Pad is the perfect tool for buffing away flaws. It works excellently in prepping the surface for the final steps of detailing, setting the stage for a stunningly shiny finish.

Green Pad (Light Cut)
The Green Pad stands as the ultimate versatile tool in your detailing arsenal. Ideal for use with light compounds or polishes, it offers effective polishing capabilities while ensuring a clean finish. Its performance is especially notable in humid conditions, where it maintains efficiency and ease of use.

Blue Pad (Soft Polish)
For those delicate surfaces or when addressing fine swirl marks, the Blue Pad is your go-to. It gently polishes the surface, eliminating swirls and unveiling a deep, swirl-free gloss. This pad ensures a gentle yet effective approach to achieving a flawless finish on any surface.

Black Pad (Final Finish)
The Black Pad is uniquely designed for the final touch. It is free from abrasives, making it perfect for laying down a seamless coat of wax or sealant. It leaves behind a mirror-like finish with an exceptional shine that is particularly impressive on dark-colored vehicles.

Just the Facts: Unparalleled Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Precision Engineering: The 6.5-inch DA foam pad's open-cell flat surface reduces polisher chatter, minimizing imbalance and vibration for a smoother buffing experience.
  • Safety Enhanced: A secure hook-and-loop grip prevents the pad from flying off the polisher, ensuring a safe detailing process.
  • Minimizes Heat Build-up: High-quality foam allows airflow while buffing, protecting your vehicle's paintwork.
  • Built to Last: Our pads are designed for durability, offering you a long-lasting solution that reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Foam, Flat Surface
  • Diameter: 6.5 inches
  • Thickness: 1.5-inch;Inches
  • Attachment: Velcro, Hook and Loop
  • Backer Size: 6 inch, Flat
  • Color-Coded: 5 choices ensure a specific pad for every buffing and polishing need.

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