DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT 7 inch DA Foam Buffing Pads

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Foam Buffing Pads for Long-Throw DA Polishers

Achieving a flawless finish on any vehicle becomes significantly easier with DETAIL DIRECT 7-inch HD Foam Buffing Pads.

Engineered specifically for DA Long-Throw Polishers and other similar random orbital polishers, these high-density foam pads provide a comprehensive solution to a broad spectrum of paint problems and defects.

From deep paint correction tasks to the final touches that amplify a vehicle's shine, DETAIL DIRECT pads deliver a custom-fit approach to detailing that ensures exceptional outcomes for any paint correction challenge.

Crafted for Compatibility and Performance

DETAIL DIRECT HD Foam Pads are specifically designed to meet the needs of modern detailing practices. Their compatibility with big-throw brands like Rupes, Torq, and Flex, alongside their robust construction, ensures they can handle the intensive actions these machines deliver.

The 7.5-inch face with a 7-inch hook and loop back makes them adaptable to standard 7-inch backing plates, providing a seamless fit and ease of use across various detailing projects.

A Spectrum of Solutions for Every Detailing Need

Our foam pads for Long-Throw DA Polishers come in various densities, each suited for different tasks. These color-coded pads range from firmer foam for heavy cutting to softer foam for a high-gloss finish.

DETAIL DIRECT offers this color-coded pad system to navigate the complexities of paint correction. Each pad is designed for specific detailing tasks:

  • White Extra Heavy Cutting Pad: The most aggressive pad in the lineup, ideal for tackling severe defects such as deep scratches, heavy oxidation, and paint imperfections that require substantial correction. This pad is a powerhouse for restoring paintwork in dire conditions, effectively replacing the need for wool pads.
  • Orange Heavy Cut Pad: A step down in aggressiveness, this pad is suited for correcting oxidized paint, lighter scratches, acid rain damage, and other noticeable imperfections. It strikes a balance between aggressive cutting and the ability to finish with minimal marring, making it a versatile choice for significant correction needs.
  • Burgundy Medium Cut-One Step Pad: This pad offers a dual-purpose solution capable of removing light to moderate imperfections such as minor scratches, oxidation, and swirls. It provides the cutting ability of a foam cutting pad while finishing like a polishing pad, leaving a wax-ready surface with minimal follow-up required. Ideal for those seeking efficiency without compromising on finish quality.
  • Black Soft Polish-Final Finish Pad: The ultimate finishing pad, designed for the application of waxes, polishes, sealants, and glazes to achieve the deepest possible gloss and shine. Exceptionally soft and pliable, it is suited for the most delicate surfaces, including luxury and show cars, ensuring a breathtaking finish without introducing swirls.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Durability and Efficiency

DETAIL DIRECT pads are not just about correcting paint; they're about doing it efficiently and safely:

  • Effortless Pad Changes: The reliable hook and loop system allows for quick pad changes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Protective Tapered Edge: This design feature ensures better surface contact and protection against backing plate marring, allowing for safe use even in tight spaces.
  • Resilience Under Pressure: Engineered to withstand the demands of DA long-throw polishers without falling apart, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


  • Minimal Product Waste: High-density Euro Foam technology reduces product absorption, enhancing your work efficiency.
  • Versatility: Ideal for a variety of polishers, including long-throw, DA, rotary, and more, making them a versatile addition to any detailing toolkit.
  • Optimal Cooling and Balance: These pads are designed for sustained performance, offering excellent cooling and balance for better control and results.

Transform Your Detailing Experience

With DETAIL DIRECT HD Foam Buffing Pads, you gain access to a tailored solution for every paint correction scenario. Choose the right pad for your project and witness the transformation in your vehicle’s appearance.

These pads not only tackle any paint defect but also ensure a beautifully corrected finish every time, elevating your detailing work to professional standards.

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