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DETAIL DIRECT Rotary Polisher Extension Shaft (Set of 3)

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Elevate Your Detailing Game with DETAIL DIRECT Rotary Polisher Extension Shaft (Set of 3)

Unlock the full potential of your car detailing with the precision-engineered DETAIL DIRECT Rotary Polisher Extension Shaft Set, tailored for both professionals and enthusiasts who demand perfection in every curve and corner.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile Set of 3 Lengths: Includes 2.95-inch, 3.95-inch, and 5.5-inch shafts to cater to various detailing needs. Combine them for additional reach and flexibility.
  • Universal Compatibility: Effortlessly threads onto any rotary polisher, angle grinder, or accessory with a 5/8-inch thread. Perfect for use with backing plates of the same size.
  • Easy to Use: Hand-tightening system means no special tools are required for attachment, simplifying your workflow.
  • Precision Detailing: Designed to navigate the complexities of wing mirrors, spoilers, bumpers, and more. Reach those hard-to-access areas with ease for a flawless finish.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Makes waxing, buffing, and polishing in complex curves, dips, grooves, and angular shapes not just possible but effortless and efficient.


  • Adaptability: The variable lengths and combinable extensions offer unparalleled adaptability when tackling tight spaces or extensive surfaces.
  • High Compatibility: The universal 5/8-inch threading ensures that these extensions fit a wide range of polishers and grinders, making them a versatile addition to any detailing toolkit.
  • No Tools Needed: The user-friendly design allows for quick changes on the go, ensuring that your focus remains on achieving the perfect finish.
  • Precision in Every Detail: These extensions are not just tools; they are your partners in achieving detailing perfection, enabling meticulous attention to every detail.

Transform Your Detailing Experience:

Invest in DETAIL DIRECT Rotary Polisher Extension Shaft Set today and redefine what's possible in car detailing. Achieve unparalleled precision and perfection, and enjoy the satisfaction of detailing excellence. This is more than an investment in tools—it's an investment in your passion.

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