3D Carnauba Paste Wax - Detail Direct
3D Carnauba Paste Wax - Detail Direct
3D Carnauba Paste Wax - Detail Direct
3D Carnauba Paste Wax - Detail Direct

3D Carnauba Paste Wax

3D Car Care
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Premium Carnauba Wax for Enthusiasts and Pros

Whether you're a high-production detailing shop or an enthusiastic car owner, the 3D Carnauba Paste Wax delivers exceptional results. This high-grade carnauba wax provides intense shine, depth, gloss, and clarity, granting your vehicle a show car-quality finish at an affordable price.

Easy Application and Long-Lasting Protection: Enjoy the convenience of easy application and up to 3 months of robust protection. The 3D Carnauba Paste Wax is designed for hassle-free use, making it a significant upgrade over standard car waxes. Plus, its pleasant scent makes the waxing process even more enjoyable.

Advanced Polymer Technology: Enhanced with advanced polymers, this wax ensures longevity in shine and protection. The 3D Carnauba Paste Wax enhances your vehicle's appearance and shields it against the elements, maintaining its brilliance for months.

Superior Hydrophobic Properties: Experience the ultimate in water-beading and hydrophobic effects. By creating a high surface tension on your vehicle's paint, the 3D Carnauba Paste Wax forces water to roll off effortlessly, preventing water spots and keeping your car looking pristine.

Directions for Use

  1. Prep Your Vehicle: Thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle. Remove any paint imperfections with a compound or polish before applying the wax for best results.
  2. Apply the Wax: Spread a small amount of 3D Carnauba Paste Wax onto a foam applicator. Apply to one panel at a time using a back-and-forth motion.
  3. Let It Haze: Allow the wax to dry to a haze.
  4. Buff to Shine: Using a clean, dry microfiber buffing towel, gently buff the haze to reveal a high-gloss shine.

Facts at a Glance

  • Advanced Polymers Technology: Ensures long-lasting shine and protection, offering up to 3 months of durability.
  • Hydrophobic Effects: Delivers intense water-beading, ensuring water rolls off without leaving spots.
  • Easy Application: Designed for straightforward application and removal.
  • Pleasant Scent: Makes the waxing process more enjoyable.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both professionals and detailing enthusiasts.

Give your vehicle a fantastic shine and protection against the elements with the 3D Carnauba Paste Wax. It’s the perfect blend of quality, ease of use, and long-lasting results, all packed into a 12 oz. can.

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