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Your Sticky Situation Savior

This high-quality solvent effortlessly eliminates gum, tar, adhesives, and sticker residues from various vehicle surfaces without spotting or causing any damage. It is non-abrasive and non-acidic, ensuring gentle cleaning.

Don't Waste Time Struggling with Sticky Stuff: This high-quality solvent is your go-to solution for quickly dissolving and emulsing a wide range of sticky substances. From gum and tar to adhesive residue, stickers, sticky candy residue, glue, tree sap, emblem tape, rubber streaks, grease, oily traffic film, and asphalt, this product easily handles them.

Rest Easy Knowing it's Safe for Your Vehicle Surfaces: Use it on interior and exterior car surfaces, whether it's clearcoat paint, chrome, glass, plastic, rubber, or vinyl. This solvent won't cause any harm, ensuring your surfaces stay pristine.

Environmentally Friendly: It features 3D’s Green Earth Technology, is biodegradable, and complies with Prop 65 and V.O.C regulations.

Convenient Size: Use this handy 16-ounce 3D Gum & Tar Remover for a safe, quick, and effective solution to all your sticky residue problems, ensuring your surfaces remain pristine and unharmed.

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