DETAIL DIRECT 7.5 Inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7.5 Inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7.5 Inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT 7.5 Inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad

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Conquer Tough Surface Defects with the Ultimate Wool Buffing Pad

Professional detailers and auto body shops understand the challenge of tackling cars with significant surface defects. When the usual tools just don't cut it, turn to the DETAIL DIRECT 7.5 Inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad. This pad, crafted from 100% wool, is designed for those moments when a more aggressive approach is needed to restore a vehicle's finish. It is slightly more aggressive than our #10226 wool or standard pads. Perfect for dealing with those tough spots, it's your go-to solution for turning problematic surfaces into flawless finishes.

Professional-Grade Features for Top-Notch Results

  • Slightly More Aggressive: 100% wool pads are specially designed for more demanding jobs, offering superior cutting power.
  • Rapid Pad Changing: Thanks to its Velcro backing, swapping pads is quick and efficient, streamlining your detailing process.
  • Advanced Heat Dispersion: The curved edge not only boosts performance but also prolongs the life of your compounds and polishes by effectively managing heat.
  • Durable and Balanced: Washable and perfectly balanced, this pad ensures a consistent and controlled buffing experience, vital for professional detailing.

Use with Malco Tru-Grit Compound for best results. If the paint defects do not require aggressive compounding use Malco Swirl Remover with our Yellow Wool Finishing Pad to prepare the finish for waxing

Elevate Your Detailing Arsenal In professional car detailing, having the right tools is vital to success. The DETAIL DIRECT Wool Buffing Pad answers those challenging surface defects, ensuring every vehicle you work on reflects your expertise and attention to detail.

Transform Vehicles with Confidence Step up your game with the DETAIL DIRECT 7.5-inch 100% Wool Buffing Pad. Embrace the power of this professional-grade tool and make those tough detailing jobs a thing of the past. Your clients will notice the difference, and your services will be in higher demand than ever. Get yours today and redefine what it means to detail a car!


  • MPN: 10240
  • Material: 100% White Wool
  • Ideal Dimensions: 7.5-inch inner diameter and a 9-inch buffing side for maximum coverage
  • Optimal Pile Height: 1.5 inches to ensure full and even contact with the car's surface
  • Versatility at Its Best: Use it as a bolt-on pad (7/8" arbor hole) or with a hook and loop system based on your preference
  • Broad Applicability: Compatible with most standard 7 inch hook and loop backing plates

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