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Easily restore and rejuvenate your vehicle's interior with Armor Shield Interior Detailer! This water-based dressing is specially formulated to bring back the original shine and protect against the sun's harmful UV rays. Safe for use on rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces, it leaves a non-greasy, water repellent finish. Take pride in your ride with Armor Shield!

  • Medium Gloss Vinyl Dressing & Protectant
  • Great for Dashboards, Kick Panels, Door Panels, Vinyl Tops & Trim, Tires and More
  • Rejuvenates Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

Use Instructions

Tires-Wheel Wells-Engines: For a high gloss appearance, use a sprayer and apply product evenly on a precleaned, dry surface. Allow 3-5 minutes for product to dry. For less gloss, apply using a dressing applicator. Wipe on pre-cleaned surface and let dry. 

Rubber-Plastic-Vinyl-Leather: Using a dressing applicator, wipe on pre-cleaned surface and let dry.

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