Castle Big 5 Silicone Lubricant - Detail Direct
Castle Big 5 Silicone Lubricant - Detail Direct

Castle Big 5 Silicone Lubricant

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Experience Smooth Operation with Castle Big 5 - The Top-Notch Heavy Duty Silicone Hinge Lubricant

Introducing Castle Big 5, a powerful heavy-duty Silicone Hinge Lubricant that will exponentially increase the lifespan and performance of your mechanical hinges. Providing you with quality and efficiency, this product is designed to serve both professional applications and daily maintenance needs.

Unmatched Quality and Unique Features

Castle Big 5 stands out amongst competitors with its unique features:

  • Manufactured from 99.1% pure silicone, Castle Big 5 guarantees optimal lubrication with minimal application, setting an industry benchmark for high-quality lubricants.

  • The high-viscosity formula ensures the lubricant sticks to the applied surfaces, providing longer-lasting lubrication even in harsh conditions.

  • Its outstanding temperature resistance (-40°C to +200°C) ensures unhindered operation across a wide variety of environments, increasing the product's versatility.

  • The non-toxic, odorless formula makes it a safe and user-friendly product.

  • As an added benefit, it's water-repellent - protecting your hinges from rust and corrosion.

Why Customers Choose Castle Big 5

Long-Lasting Performance: Castle Big 5 Hinge Lubricant contains a 99.1% pure, high viscosity silicone formula that delivers outstanding lubrication, corrosion, and rust protection along with waterproofing various surfaces. This silicone-based lubricant outperforms white lithium grease and contains no grease fillers. Its pure silicone formula remains effective even in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use on metal, wood, rubber, plastic, canvas, and more.

Solve a Range of Problems: This versatile silicone spray lubricant addresses all your sticking, binding, squeaking, and lubrication issues. Use it on car doors, trunks, hoods, gas cap doors, door lock cylinders, and glove boxes to eliminate squeaking hinges. Apply it before freezing winter temperatures to prevent freeze-ups and use it as an excellent release agent for heat seal equipment.

Protects and Waterproofs: Castle Big 5 Silicone Spray shields metal from rust and corrosion while drying moisture from wet components such as switches, relays, distributors, plugs, and chain drives. Apply it to your tools for rust-proof protection. Extend the life of rubber weather stripping on doors, windows, hoods, and trunk lids, and waterproof your boots and shoes without staining. It does not attract dirt.

Multiple Applications: This heavy-duty spray lubricant is versatile and suitable for industrial, auto, recreational vehicles, windows, doors, drawers, snow blowers, boats, canvas, crossbows, guns, bikes, garage doors, treadmills, and more. The fast-drying formula creates an odorless, transparent film of silicone, providing long-lasting lubrication, corrosion protection, and water repellency.

Sprays in Any Orientation: The 360-degree nozzle sprays at any angle, even upside down. The accompanying straw tube allows for easy access to tight spaces. A little goes a long way.

    "Since I started using Castle Big 5, my door hinges operate like brand new. It’s really easy to use, and I’ve noticed a significant drop in maintenance. " - Regular User, John S.

    Limited Time Offer!

    For a short period only, gain access to this invaluable asset at a discounted price. Transform your everyday hinge operation with Castle Big 5!

    Act now to experience smoother, longer-lasting hinge operation! Castle Big 5, your ultimate solution for optimal hinge maintenance.

    Your Hinges Deserve the Best. Give them Castle Big 5.

    • High Viscosity Formula Contains 99.1% Pure Silicone
    • Waterproof and Rust-Proof Tools
    • 360-Degree Nozzle Sprays Upside Down
    • Non-Corrosive and Non-Reactive
    • Suitable for Metal, Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Canvas, and More
    • Large Spray Cans - 19.25 fl oz (Net Weight 12.25 oz)

      Manufacturer: Castle Products, Inc.

      Product Type: Silicone Lubricant

      Item Number: C2004

      UPC: 717131020042

      Can Size: 19.25oz fluid ounces, 12.25 ounces net weight

      Case Quantity: 12

      Regulatory Information: VOC Compliant, NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listing H2 Reg. #124464.


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