DETAIL DIRECT 7-inch Classic Hook & Loop Backing Plate
DETAIL DIRECT 7 Inch Classic Velcro Backing Plate - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 Inch Classic Velcro Backing Plate - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 7 Inch Classic Velcro Backing Plate - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT 7-inch Classic Hook & Loop Backing Plate

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Enhance Your Polishing and Buffing Experience

This precision-engineered DETAIL DIRECT 7-inch Classic Hook and Loop Backing Plate stands out in the crowded market for its unparalleled durability and ease of use, promising professional-quality results for every vehicle. Discover the transformative effect it can have on your polishing routine.

Unmatched Compatibility and Performance

Secure and Versatile Attachment:
Fits most rotary polishers with a 5/8" - 11 thread, making it a versatile choice for many setups. Designed to work seamlessly with 7 to 9-inch single-sided hook and loop buffing or polishing pads.

Designed for Durability and Ease: 
The robust hook and loop fasteners prevent pad shifting and spinning, ensuring consistent buffing action. Quick and effortless pad changes save you time and hassle.

Optimal Surface Protection: 
Foam edge around the backer safeguards your paint from accidental scratches. The flexible edge contours to your vehicle’s curves, allowing for safe and effective polishing.

Stable and Even Polishing: 
Reinforcements inside the center hub add stability to maintain an even pad surface. The rigid backing and strong core evenly distribute pressure during compounding and polishing for superior results.

Just the Facts at a Glance

  • Universal 7" diameter backing plate
  • Fits standard polishers with a 5/8"-11 threads
  • Use with any hook and loop grip mount buffing or polishing pad that allows a 7-inch backing plate.
  • A strong hook and loop grip securely hold your buffing pad in place during operation.
  • The flexible edge of the pad allows safe navigation around the car's curves and contours.
  • Rigid backing with a strong center core helps to apply even pressure and contact while compounding and polishing.
  • A pad-centering tool is included for quickly attaching pads that do not self-center

Transform your detailing work with the DETAIL DIRECT 7-inch Classic Velcro Backing Plate, combining top-tier quality with user-friendly features for an unparalleled polishing experience.

  • MPN: 10739
  • Backing Plate Diameter: 7 inches
  • Thread Size: 5/8-11 inches
  • Max RPM: 3000 RPM

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