DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT Collision Wrap Clear 3 mil

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The clear crash wrap provides a self-adhesive temporary film for vehicles during transport or storage. Secure and protect loose mirrors and bumpers, cracked windshields, sprung doors, or other loose areas of a damaged car, truck, or other vehicles. Quickly protect open interiors from weather-related damage. This multi-layer LDPE film has a strong self-adhering adhesive on one side. It removes quickly without leaving a residue.

We offer 3 size choices in easy-to-use rolls: 24" x 100', 36" x 100', and 36" x 200'.

  • Crash Wrap is a 3-mil transparent plastic protective film.
  • Flexible, strong, durable, puncture, rip, and tear-resistant.
  • Choose from 24 or 36-inch widths.
  • Choose from 100 or 200-foot lengths.
  • This is a non-perforated, flexible, puncture, and tear-resistant plastic film.
  • It has a high-tack self-adhesive strength.
  • Removes fast without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Not perforated, quickly cuts to size with a utility knife or sharp edge blade.
  • Rated for 90-day use.
  • One-person application.


  • This is a multilayer (co-extruded) plastic film that lasts longer with better protection than many competing brands offering only one protection layer.
  • Superior water-based ("cross-linked"), environmentally friendly acrylic adhesive anchors into the film, not just lays on top. This manufacturing process ensures strong adhesion to a vehicle without leaving adhesive residue behind when removed.
  • One-person application.
  • The film wrap is securely held in place with the high-tack self-adhering adhesive on one side.
  • It adheres best for a longer-lasting hold to a clean and dry surface.
  • Quickly cut the roll to the desired size with a utility knife.


  1. Pull out a 2-4 inch wrap section from the roll. Apply the adhesive side several inches before the damage begins. Use hand pressure to seal it against the vehicle securely.
  2. Using one hand on each end of the roll, unwind the crash wrap over the remaining damaged area.
  3. Lastly, use a sharp utility knife to cut the film just past the damaged area. Use hand pressure to securely seal it around all the edges.

Note: If the damage is wider than the roll width, start at the bottom section of the damaged area. Apply the wrap to the surface as directed above. Then, start a new row at the beginning of the first one, overlapping by a few inches.


  • Pull one end to start. Remove it completely with little effort.
  • It does not leave a glue residue behind.
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number 36" x 100' Roll: 40017
  • Item Number 36" x 100' Roll: 40018
  • Item Number 24" x 100' Roll: 40019
  • Plastic Film Construction: LDPE, coextruded (COEX) self-adhering film constructed from multiple layers laminated together for maximum strength, durability, and puncture-resistance
  • Plastic Film Thickness: 3 mil
  • Color: Clear, Transparent
  • Roll Width: Choice of 24 or 36 Inches
  • Roll Length: Choice of 100-foot or 200-foot Roll
  • Adhesive: High-Tack Water-Based Acrylic
  • Application: High-tack self-adhesive protective vehicle collision wrap for auto body shops, collision centers, junk or salvage yards, towing companies, repair garages, and storage centers.

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