DETAIL DIRECT 8 Inch Double Sided White Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 8 Inch Double Sided White Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT 8 Inch Double Sided White Wool Buffing Pad - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT 8 Inch Double Sided White Wool Buffing Pad

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Enhance Your Professional Edge in Auto Detailing

The DETAIL DIRECT 8-inch Double-Sided Wool Buffing Cutting Pad provides efficiency, precision, and quality to elevate your detailing services to the next level. This tool is designed with quality craftsmanship to meet the rigorous demands of professional detailing and auto body work, assisting in streamlining your workflow.

Overcome Common Detailing Challenges

  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether it's compounding, cutting, polishing, waxing, or glazing, this cutting pad is compatible with all restoration compounds, polishes, waxes, and glazes. You’ll experience even distribution of the products, providing consistent results across various surfaces.
  • Enhanced Cutting Power: The white wool pad features dense, twisted fibers for faster and more effective removal of deep scratches, orange peel, color sanding scratches, and other surface defects quickly and effectively.
  • Dual-Action Efficiency: Flip the pad over to continue working without interruption – it's like having two pads in one, doubling your productivity.

Streamlined Usage for Professional Settings

  • Easy Polisher Attachment: The pad securely attaches directly to rotary polishers via a bolt-on adapter. This ensures safe and precise results in every job without a backing plate.
  • Stable and Comfortable Operation: The centralized extension adapter reduces vibration and wobbling, leading to less fatigue and more consistent outcomes.
  • Safety-Focused Design: A soft edge around the rigid inner center plate minimizes the risk of marring, which is crucial for maintaining pristine surfaces on all vehicle types.

Note: DETAIL DIRECT Extension Bolt Adapter 10321 for Double-Sided Buffing Pads is available separately.

Set a New Standard in Auto Detailing with the DETAIL DIRECT Double-Sided Wool Buffing Cutting Pad. You're not just investing in a tool but in your business's reputation for excellence. Streamline your detailing process, achieve unparalleled results, and exceed your clients' expectations. Upgrade your detailing arsenal today and experience the difference in quality and efficiency!

  • MPN: 10243
  • Material: Twisted Wool
  • Type: Double-Sided
  • Pad Diameter: 8 Inches
  • Attachment Type: Bolt-on to a 5/8-11 Threaded Polisher

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