DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash Pad - Detail Direct
DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash Pad - Detail Direct


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Our DETAIL DIRECT Gold Car Wash pad is ideal for professional car detailers and shops committed to excellence. This cuffless wash pad is a superior alternative to traditional car wash mitts, focusing on delivering cleaning precision and speed.

The Detail Direct Gold Car Wash Pad addresses the core challenges faced by professional detailers:

  • Broad Coverage for Speedy Cleaning: Its generous 9 x 9 x 1.5-inch size allows for covering large areas quickly, drastically reducing the time spent on each vehicle.
  • Edge-to-Edge Cleanliness Without Compromise: The unique square, closed-end shape ensures that every inch of the vehicle’s surface is reached, eliminating the risk of scratches associated with traditional mitts’ elastic cuffs.
  • Efficiency Multiplied by Dual-Sided Use: Flip the pad to utilize both sides for cleaning, effectively halving the need to replenish it with soap and water, which optimizes your workflow.
  • Comfort and Convenience in Every Grip: It’s easy to maneuver and eliminates the discomfort and impracticality of inserting hands into a traditional wash mitt.

Optimized for Professional Use

Developed to meet the rigorous requirements of professional detailing with premium Lorene synthetic fibers. It is long-lasting under the demands of high-volume car washes against high temperatures, plus a wide range of cleaning solutions, making it a reliable tool for any detailing job.

Its resilience matches its precision; the pad's soft texture ensures a careful and effective cleaning on all vehicle surfaces, avoiding scratches and swirls to maintain the vehicle’s impeccable finish. This car wash pad is not just for cleaning—it's an investment in maintaining the highest standards of vehicle care.

Facts At a Glance

  • Moisture Magnet: Holds the right amount of soapy water for a slick and soapy wash.
  • Effortless Handling: Flip over for dual-sided use, making every wash straightforward and efficient.
  • Optimal Size for Maximum Coverage: The 9x9x1.5 inch pad covers large areas quickly and effectively.
  • Gentle Yet Effective: Soft Lorene synthetic fibers lift and trap dirt, safeguarding finishes from scratches.
  • Cuffless Innovation: Eliminates the risk of abrasive scratches and swirls.
  • Durably Designed: Resists damage from harsh detergents and solvents for prolonged use.

Choose the Detail Direct Gold Car Wash Pad for your detailing needs and elevate your service to new heights of precision and efficiency.


  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number: 20596
  • Type: Car Wash Pad
  • Material: Lorene Synthetic Fibers
  • Size: 9" x 9" x 1.5" Thick
  • Made in the USA
  • Application: Pad used to hand wash autos and marine vehicles for people who prefer a double-sided car wash pad over a cuffed wash mitt.

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