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How many times do you clean your vehicle windshield, believe it is crystal clear and then you drive facing the sun and suddenly you notice there are streaks and smudges everywhere making it hard to see other vehicles or obstacles on the road? How annoying!

We have the solution for you. You can have clean, streak free windows. It is a simple fix!

Hi-Tech Aerosol Glass Cleaner Ammonia Free is a Streak Proof Glass Cleaner that produces professional results every time.

Why Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner for Tinted Windows?

Ammonia, an ingredient used in the majority of glass cleaners, cuts through grease and grime fast and efficiently, but it is harmful to after-market tinted windows. Hi-Tech Glass Cleaner Ammonia Free is formulated with extra cutting strength to lift all the dirt and off-gases (that smoky film on your windshield) away, both quickly and efficiently without using the tint damaging ammonia.

How do I have Streak Proof Windows?

When detailing a vehicle, cleaning your windshield and windows should be the last item on your to-do list so you do not re-contaminate them with dirty cloths or overspray from other chemicals. Glass cleaners will evaporate too quickly if your windows are hot so always work in a shaded area.

Lightly spray the windshield and windows one at the time with the Hi-Tech Glass Cleaner Ammonia Free. Then wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth (micro-fiber towels work great) in an up and down and then across motion. Always replace the dirty cloth with a clean one to avoid smearing the dirt back on the glass. The hard-to-remove smoky film, dirt and grime that accumulates on your car windshield and windows will disappear leaving a glass that is almost invisible.

VOC Compliant.

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