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Hi-Tech Invader Aerosol Penetrating Oil

Hi-Tech Industries
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Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil - the ultimate solution for tackling rust, corrosion, and stubborn bolts. Say goodbye to stuck parts and hello to effortless repairs with this powerful and versatile penetrating oil.

Why Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil is the go-to choice for all your automotive and DIY needs?

  1. Penetrating Power: Hi-Tech's advanced formula is specifically designed to penetrate deep into rusted or corroded parts, loosening them with ease. Say goodbye to frustrating hours spent trying to remove stuck bolts or rusty hinges - Invader Penetrating Oil gets the job done quickly and effortlessly.

  2. Superior Lubrication: Not only does Invader Penetrating Oil break down rust and corrosion, but it also provides superior lubrication to keep parts moving smoothly. Its thin, long-lasting film prevents future rust and friction, ensuring optimal performance and extending the life of your equipment or machinery.

  3. Multipurpose: Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil is the perfect companion for any project. From automotive repairs to home maintenance, this versatile oil can be used on a wide range of materials, including metal, rubber, and plastic. It's ideal for fixing squeaky doors, freeing seized parts, and maintaining machinery.

  4. Time-Saving Solution: With Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil, you can say goodbye to wasted time and frustration. Its fast-acting formula starts working immediately, saving you precious minutes or even hours on your projects. No more struggling with stubborn parts - Invader Penetrating Oil makes the process effortless.

  5. Protects Against Future Rust: Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil doesn't just solve current rust and corrosion issues; it also provides ongoing protection. Its corrosion inhibitors create a barrier that prevents future oxidation, keeping your equipment and machinery in top-notch condition for years to come.

Invest in Hi-Tech Invader Penetrating Oil today and experience the unbeatable benefits of effortless repairs and superior protection. Say goodbye to stuck parts and hello to smooth operation with this powerful and versatile penetrating oil. Order now and let Invader Penetrating Oil revolutionize your DIY and automotive projects!

Manufacturer: Hi-Tech Industries

Item NumberHT 18009

UPC: 650753180094

Size: 15.75oz Net Weight

VOC: California VOC Compliant

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