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Magna Shine Quick Dry Drying Cloth

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Hi Tech Industries Magna Shine Quick Dry QKDRY-1

The Magna Shine Quick Dry is a synthetic drying cloth that works better and holds more water than a traditional Chamois. This incredible Drying Towel will not grab the vehicle's surface like the Absorber Drying Towel does. It effortlessly glides over the car's finish while absorbing every drop of water on the way.  The professional grade construction is long lasting even in the demanding environment of high volume car washes. The Quick Dry Drying Cloth is 26" x 17".

How to use a drying cloth:

1. Rinse completely with warm water before first use.

2. Clean thoroughly after each use. Store the drying cloth damp in the tube so it will be ready to use.

3. Simply re moisten if the towel dries out.

4. Machine wash with regular laundry detergent. Do not use bleach.


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