Multi-Purpose Mini Plastic Scraper (12 Pack) - Detail Direct
Multi-Purpose Mini Plastic Scraper (12 Pack) - Detail Direct
Multi-Purpose Mini Plastic Scraper (12 Pack) - Detail Direct

Multi-Purpose Mini Plastic Scraper (12 Pack)

Hi-Tech Industries
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This Multi-Purpose Mini Plastic Scraper removes stuck-on objects from most surfaces. It's exceptional in situations where you usually use a putty knife. Its thin and chiseled edges, but slight flexibility, makes it great for a wide range of jobs, from scraping off labels and stickers to pushing out air bubbles when applying decals. With a thumb grip for leverage and no threat of scratching, you can always use it confidently. This tool has you covered for all your stuck-on gunk, from tar and paint to tree sap and stickers - you name it, it scrapes it!

  • Box of 12 Mini Scrapers
  • All 4 sides are usable with thin, chiseled edges that are not sharp, so it will not cut or scratch.
  • It works better than plastic razor blades because it covers a larger area, you can use all 4 sides, and you do not have to add a scraper tool.
  • This plastic mini scraper has the needed stiffness with the flexibility to get under stickers, labels, bird droppings, bug residue, tar, or other stuck substances.
  • Safe to use on windshields, paint finishes, and other sensitive vehicle areas.
  • It gently removes registration and other stickers, labels, adhesive residue, tree sap, and other stubborn messes.
  • It works great as a pot and pan scrubber, too.

How to Remove Registration and Other Stickers or Labels

Hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle to the surface you are working on. Then, use steady, even pressure or a slight back-and-forth motion to loosen the sticker and peel it off. Use a window cleaner or glue remover with the scraper if the sticker is especially stubborn. Clean the scraper with soap and water or other cleaning chemical when finished.

  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number: 21411
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 2x3 Inches
  • Color: Red
  • Number in Box: 12
  • Application: Use to remove all those things you want gone but seem stubbornly affixed to a hard surface. Remove, peel, or scrape stickers, adhesive residue, labels, decals, and other stuck-on messes.

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