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PRIMO Pet Hair Remover Rock - Detail Direct

DETAIL DIRECT Pet Hair Remover Rock

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Pet Hair Remover Rock

Our Pet Hair Remover stone removes the hair and lint fast, it is effective and inexpensive.

We love our pets, but not their hair all over the carpet and furniture! Stop struggling and wasting time trying to remove that annoying pet hair with the vacuum cleaner and accessories, wet cloths, or lint rollers!

How to remove pet hair from your car's upholstery and carpet.

Simply hold the Pet Hair Remover in your hand and gently sweep it across the surface that has the pet hair or lint. The unique composition of the Stone pulls the hair off the surface like a magnet. The pet hair is swept up into a roll allowing you to vacuum it up or throw the hair in the trash. It’s that simple!

Use wherever pet hair or lint is found on fabrics: comforters, pillows, sofas, chairs, etc.

Inexpensive to Use:

Car Detailers tell us the Magna Pet Hair and lint Remover Rock saves them time when detailing car interiors and they use the rock over and over making it inexpensive to use per job. Definitely one of the Detailer's favorite tools.

Is it Really a Rock?

No, it just resembles one. The Magna Pet Hair Remover Rock resembles a porous rock surface. (Many times you will notice that the word Rock and Stone are used interchangeably) The size is approximately 6 in x 1.5 in x 1.5 in and fits comfortably in your hand.

Stop the Pet Hair Removal Struggle

Start spending more quality time with your pet and less time cleaning up the hair, The PRIMO Pet Hair Remover Stone is a must have for your home, car, and other vehicles.

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