Retractable Razor Blade Scraper
Retractable Razor Blade Scraper
Retractable Razor Blade Scraper

Retractable Razor Blade Scraper

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This Push Button Blade Holder is your go-to tool for all your scraping needs. With a steel or plastic razor blade, this handy tool lets you effortlessly remove stubborn stickers, decals, glue, and more from smooth surfaces. Keep your fingers safe with the push button feature that extends and retracts the blade for secure storage. Quick, easy, and safe—scrape away with confidence!

  1. Blade safety: A steel or plastic razor blade locks in place, ensuring it does not slip out of the holder during use. When your job is done, quickly retract the razor blade into the scraper with the push-button mechanism for safe storage.
  2. Easy blade changes: Changing the blade is quick and easy. Simply push the button to extend the blade holder, then slide the new blade in or out of the extended slot.
  3. Versatile use: The scraper can be used with metal or plastic razor blades to remove unwanted gunk from a variety of surfaces, including:
    • Automotive windshields
    • Clearcoat and paint
    • Chrome
    • Glass
    • Vinyl
    • Plastic
    • Registration stickers
    • License plate stickers
    • Decals
    • Paint splatters
    • Glue
    • Grease
    • Adhesives
    • Other stuck stuff on hard surfaces
  • Brand: Detail Direct
  • Item Number: 10219
  • Material: Metal frame for strength and durability
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.8 x 1.5 Inches
  • Color: Metal (Gray)
  • Application: Use this scraper with a steel or plastic razor blade to scrape and remove stickers, labels, adhesives, glue, paint, and other debris from metal and plastic surfaces, such as tile, mirrors, glass windows, and other hard surfaces.

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