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The Wheel™ Rotary Polisher

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The Wheel™ Rotary Polisher HB-3000 for a Flawless Finish

Elevate your detailing game with The Wheel™ Rotary Polisher HB-3000, your ultimate companion for achieving flawless finishes on any paint correction job. Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, this high-performance tool combines power, precision, and durability, ensuring top-notch results every time.

Key Features and Design

The Wheel Rotary Polisher stands out with its variable speed range of 0-3000 RPM, allowing for unparalleled control and versatility in your polishing projects. Equipped with both a side handle and a "D" handle, it offers ergonomic comfort and flexibility, catering to your preferred grip and polishing style.

At the heart of The Wheel is its prompt trigger-response system and robust torque, guaranteeing smooth operation and the ability to tackle even the most demanding tasks effortlessly. The quality of its build is evident in the durable motor, chassis, and frame, making it a reliable tool for both small touch-ups and large-scale jobs.

The combination of traditional high-speed functionality with modern design ensures that The Wheel delivers exceptional performance and power, making it an indispensable tool for any paint correction task.

Specifications at a Glance

  • RPM Speed: Adjustable from 600 to 3000 for precise control
  • Speed Control: Advanced electronic system for smooth operation
  • Voltage: Compatible with 110/120 V outlets
  • Power: Robust 1400 Watts for efficient polishing
  • Backing Plate Diameter: 7.5 inches, designed for stability
  • Weight: Lightweight at 6.6 lbs for extended use without fatigue
  • Buffing Pad Diameter: 9 inches, accommodating a wide range of applications
  • Length of Polisher: 19 inches, perfect balance of reach and maneuverability

Your Go-To Tool for Paint Correction

The Wheel™ Rotary Polisher HB-3000 embodies the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Whether you're aiming to restore a classic beauty or maintain the gleam on a modern marvel, The Wheel is engineered to help you achieve the best possible finish. Experience the difference in your detailing projects and let The Wheel take your polishing skills to the next level.

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