Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois
Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois

Water Sprite SpeedyDrier XL Chamois

SM Arnold
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Dry Your Car Faster than Ever!

New revolutionary towel dries almost any surface super fast, leaving nothing but a spot-free shine. SpeedyDrier XL from SM Arnold is the next generation of the Water Sprite Plus PVA Drying Cloth. This shammy absorbs four times its weight in water. When it's full of water, twist to wring out. Then, it is ready to absorb water again. You can dry a car in minutes while enjoying a spot-free, lint-free shine.

Scratch-Free Synthetic Drying Towel

The SpeedyDrier XL's innovative synthetic material gently lifts water and any dirt and grime away from the car surface, resulting in a scratch-free, super-dry finish. The XL is supersize at 31 x 25 inches, 5.38 square feet, and weighs 10-ounces. It's large enough and easy to cut for any size job.

Multi-Use Shammy

The Water Sprite cleans and dries cars, boats, airplanes, windows, shower doors, motorcycles, almost anything wet.

It's lightweight and ideal for carrying with you to dry your hair or body after swimming. People love it for dog or cat bath time because it absorbs so much water making the pet bath chore fast and easy.

This Speedy Drier works faster and better than sponges, towels, or even a leather chamois. Wipe down countertops or use it to absorb accidental spills, anywhere water needs to be gone fast. You will find this chamois cloth replaces multiple towels or microfiber cloths for all things wet.

This Chamois Stores Easily

This Water Sprite comes with a Resealable Bag to store your damp Shammy in a cabinet, under the sink, or in the car trunk or glove box. Keeping it moist makes it ready to use for accidents, spills, or drying your car at a moment's notice. But, If it does dry out, wet it in cool water, and it is soft and like new again. The exclusive PVA material will not mold or mildew.

Exclusive PVA Material

This exclusive synthetic material is not affected by mildew, bacteria, or common household chemicals. Rinse it after each use to remove any dirt or other particles before storage. Or you can toss it into your washing machine for a thorough cleaning. You will enjoy using this new drying cloth chamois for many years with proper care.

Speedy Drier From Detail Direct at a Glance:

  • Wholesale prices are available from Detail Direct for qualified resellers or bulk purchases.
  • The synthetic PVA material absorbs four times its weight In water.
  • Great chamois dries almost anything wet super fast and easy.
  • SpeedyDrier is soft, durable, long-lasting, and can be cut to a smaller size.
  • It is machine washable, mold, mildew, and household chemical resistant.
  • A convenient resealable plastic bag is included.
  • The size is massive for a Water Sprite, 31" x 25", 5.38 sq ft and weighs 10 ounces.

    Technical Specifications

    Manufacturer: SM Arnold

    Brand: Water Sprite

    Part Number: WSY-5-1

    Packaging: Resealable

    Size: 5.38 sq ft

    Dimensions: 31” x 25”

    Weight: 10 oz