WIZARDS Metal Polish 3oz Can - Detail Direct
WIZARDS Metal Polish 3oz Can - Detail Direct
WIZARDS Metal Polish 3oz Can - Detail Direct
WIZARDS Metal Polish 3oz Can - Detail Direct

WIZARDS Metal Polish 3oz Can

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WIZARDS Metal Polish Infused Cotton, 3oz Can

  • Fast cutting, highest gloss possible
  • Brightens and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc
  • Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust, and tar
  • Safe for coated wheels, motorcycles, and household applications
  • Marine use; on polished metals, rails, handles, tie-ups, moldings

WIZARDS Cleans and Shines all Metals

High gloss aluminum polish, brightens wheels instantly; oxidation remover for tarnished metal; use on brass, copper, silver, pewter, magnesium, sterling silver and gold jewelry; NOT for show chrome or gold plated wheels.

WIZARDS Metal Polish Leaves a High Gloss Finish

Fast cutting for oxidation removal, then the compound breaks down for fine scratch removal; removes years of tarnish, corrosion, and brake dust for a mirror reflection on aluminum wheels; great for classic car exterior stainless trim.

WIZARDS Metal Polish uses Surgical Grade Cotton

We start with a surgical-grade cotton from a continuous roll, infused with our exclusive formula, then spun into a tight roll and sealed in a special bag; it will not dry out, separate or turn hard like some creams or silver polish.

WIZARDS Metal Polish is Easy To Use

Tear off a piece from the roll and rub the polish directly onto a metal surface using a back-and-forth motion, soft metals will turn black while polishing; wipe away residue with a microfiber cloth, then turn cloth and buff to a super gloss.

What Makes Us WIZARDS

We strive to develop the best car cleaners and detailing tools since 1986; we formulate, blend and package our own products; a manufacturer with exclusive formulas and owner involvement, with a team of car-motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Manufacturer: WIZARDS

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