Vortex Cleaning Gun for Car Detailing - Detail Direct
Vortex Cleaning Gun for Car Detailing - Detail Direct
Vortex Cleaning Gun for Car Detailing - Detail Direct
Vortex Cleaning Gun for Car Detailing - Detail Direct

Vortex ll Cleaning Gun for Car Detailing

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Vortex II Dry Cleaning Gun: The Trusted Tool for Car Detailing

The Vortex II Dry Cleaning Blow Out Gun is a go-to choice for car detailing professionals. This proven air cleaning gun turns your air compressor into a powerful cleaning machine, making deep cleaning for exterior and interior surfaces easier and faster than ever.

  • Blow crumbs, trash, dust from under and between car seats, and blow-out seams in the dashboard and trim.
  • Blast moisture from the upholstery, carpet, door, trunk, and hood jambs, and even water out of body seams, crevices, and around windows and mirrors to avoid drip marks while eliminating hand-drying.
  • Under the hood, dry out the engine compartment ready for finishing dressing to the engine components.
  • The strong gust of air blows debris out of the cracks and crevices where you can easily vacuum it.

What Makes the Vortex II a Longtime Favorite?

  • Deep Cleaning Power: The tornado-like action reaches into hard-to-clean areas, removing dirt and moisture with ease.
  • Versatility: The Vortex II is suitable for both interior and exterior detailing, giving you the flexibility to clean your entire vehicle with one tool.
  • Efficiency: This cleaning gun dramatically reduces the time and effort required for thorough detailing, allowing you to achieve professional results quickly.

Introducing the New Stinger PRO Cleaning Gun

Check out the latest in car detailing, the Stinger Pro Cleaning Gun. It delivers precise, powerful blasts into tight spaces, outperforming competitive models in both performance and durability.

Genuine Vortex Replacement Parts and Accessories

Black Cone with Brush

Metal Lined Cone

White Replacement Cone

Replacement Weighted Tube (The Whip)

  • Set your air compressor regulator between 60 and 90 psi. Depress the trigger to release a powerful vortex of air.
  • SAFETY: When using the Vortex II Dry Cleaning Gun, wear appropriate eye and ear protection to avoid contact with loose debris.
  • CLEANING: Cleaning the Vortex II Dry Cleaning Gun is a breeze - place the nozzle in a bucket of soapy water and depress the trigger once or twice to remove dirt from the cone.
  • Brand: Vortex
  • Item Number: V-200
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Air Compressor Pressure: Recommended 60-90 psi
  • Application: Use the Vortex II Air Cleaning Gun with Your Air Compressor for Automotive Detailing

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